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and good morning, america. hello to robin and josh down in new orleans. great to have amy robach back. boy, what a game. 4:14. the longest super bowl ever. first time two brothers went head to head. lots of records being made. it could also be the most exciting game ever, especially for the fans in baltimore. look at them. thousands in the streets celebrating all night long. >> wow, it was not just a battle on the field but a battle of the ads. two of the big ones, budweiser's heartwarming clydesdale ad and the taco bell ad. we have the ones we liked the most. >> hard not to shed a tear at the clydesdale one. >> so cute.
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you were pulled in many different ways with commercials. what an amazing weekend for robin. such an emotional welcome in her hometown of pass christian. her family there. you can see them for a big super bowl party. how great is it to see her cheering on the team. >> sam was there for the start of it. it looked like so much fun. >> that town was wild. >> and it was wild last night. we see josh, did you get any sleep last night? >> sleep, i've heard of this thing that you call sleep, george. a few minutes. the game, it feels like it just ended. i still can't believe what we saw and didn't see. great play on the field. great performances by beyonce and alicia keys and jennifer hudson and the sandy hook choir. all setting the scene for an emotional face-off between the teams and the brothers harbaugh. it might just be the most
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memorable game in nfl history. fair to say it lived up to its hype. it was the singular moment of super bowl xlvii. a third-quarter power surge that darkened half the stadium for more than 35 minutes. it led to a surge by the 49ers. >> in for the touchdown! >> reporter: still, when confetti fell from the rafters, it was the ravens winning a second super bowl triumph. the drama started early. the harbaugh parents, jack and jackie, took their seats to watch sons john and jim become the first brothers to face each other in the super bowl as coaches. then the sandy hook elementary choir sang with jennifer hudson, "america the beautiful." ♪ o beautiful >> reporter: before alicia keys belted a memorable national anthem. ♪ the land of the free
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>> reporter: baltimore dominated play early. scoring 21 points in the first 28 minutes. >> and a touchdown! anquan boldin! >> reporter: and by halftime, it looked like the game would be a blowout. then it was beyonce blowing off the roof, turning in an electrifying halftime performance before an electrical overload blew out the lights. when play resumed, the 35-minute delay seemed to shift momentum in san francisco's favor. the 49ers came nearly all the way back from a 22-point deficit, closing to within a touchdown in the final moments of the game. but san francisco would fall just short, losing 34-31. it was jim congratulating older brother john, as the brothers harbaugh reunited on the field. it was a first super bowl win for michael oher, whose story we all saw in the book and the movie, "the blind side."
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after the confetti has fallen -- what is it like? >> from nothing to a super bowl champion, i'm in shock right now. >> oh, we won the super bowl! >> reporter: and a second ring for ray lewis in what he has said would be the final game of a 17-year career. >> baltimore, we're coming home, baby! we did it! >> reporter: just how much did the blackout affect the game's outcome? i spoke with my former colleagues, mike greenberg, mike golic, of "mike and mike in the morning" on espn radio and espn2, for more on that. let's be honest, 35 of the strangest minutes in super bowl history last night. >> yeah, and awful. obviously. in every possible way, awful. what i'm really glad for is that if the 49ers won the game, it would be much more of a story. you're going to hear how the momentum was taken away from the ravens.
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i would have said, shame on them. you're in the super bowl, if you can't figure out a way -- the clock stopped for both teams. if you can't find way to get yourself back and playing again after a half-hour delay in the super bowl, when can you? this way, it's not the overwhelming story. >> at that point, all the ravens going, oh, no. and all the 49ers going, thank god there's a break. that's how it started. greeny's right. at the end of it, you can't let that affect the outcome. kudos to san fran for coming back. i was impressed with baltimore's play, especially joe flacco. >> as we walked off the field, he said, i really thought things like that weren't supposed to happen in the super bowl. what did happen last night is he became a very, very rich man. >> that's exactly right. he made a bet on himself before the season. for those who don't know, he turned down a contract extension, essentially betting on himself. obviously, he comes up with blackjack right there.
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he'll wind up becoming one of the richest players in the nfl, and deservedly so. but it was the quarterback on the other team, for those who don't watch football all the time, who showed you what the future of football is going to look like. the dynamic athlete brought his team back to the brink of winning a championship. we'll see him again. i think it's the other quarterback will wind up being as good as anybody in the sport. >> we always rush to apply superlatives and legacy to what we see in our super bowls. for my money, last night, may be the most memorable game played in nfl history. what do you guys, though, make of what we saw last night here in new orleans? >> well, obviously, the power outage will be a huge part of that story. that will contribute to it. you don't normally get a championship game with a delay like that. the comeback, yes. i think it's too soon to say it's the greatest super bowl ever played. but memorable, yes. >> memorable with the blackout and the 49ers coming back.
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when the game can come down to a goal-line stand for a future hall of famer on defense, the last time he'll be on the field in ray lewis, that's got to be memorable. >> let's say, if nothing else, they backed into something of a classic, guys. great to see you. thanks for joining us this morning. and so -- speaking of joe flacco, a rich young man and the ravens mvp quarterback. he'll join us live today a bit later in the program. that's now it from here in new orleans. back to you, george. >> thank you, josh. we're going to switch gears now to that shocking killing of legendary s.e.a.l. chris kyle. he was gunned down at a shooting range over the weekend. the man arrested was a troubled former marine whom kyle was trying to help. ryan owens has more from dallas. >> reporter: we're told that the young suspect idolized the man, chris kyle. so many people did.
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he was an american hero who survived so much at war, only to be gunned down here at home. >> i love the job. you know, the guys, the camaraderie. >> reporter: chris kyle knew the toll combat takes more than anyone. he served four tours in iraq. won seven medals for his bravery. killed more of the enemy than any sniper in u.s. military history. he talked about that transition from war to home just weeks ago. to the website >> you don't have an identity. you have to learn a whole new way to act. >> reporter: kyle volunteered to help vets suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. police believe that he was trying to counsel 25-year-old eddie ray routh at a gun range over the weekend. >> the suspect's mother may have reached out to mr. kyle to help her son. that might be why they were at the range for some type of therapy.
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>> reporter: but detectives said that shoot practice turned deadly saturday when the young former marine snapped. turning his gun on the sniper he reportedly idolized. allegedly shooting him and his friend, 35-year-old chad littlefield, at point-blank range. police say he then stole kyle's pickup truck and led police on a chase. >> tap. rack. >> reporter: kyle could hit targets the length of 21 football fields away. he found success at home, too. he was a best-selling author. in his autobiography, he writes about killing so many iraqi insurgents they nicknamed him the devil and put a $20,000 bounty on his head. but the 38-year-old said that his biggest accomplishment was being a husband and father to his two young children. >> 95% divorce rate on the teams. i made it out with my wife, so
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it's -- we're doing great now. >> reporter: this morning, that young former marine, the suspect, is being held on $3 million bail. george, he'll be charged with two counts of capital murder. one for each of the men who were trying to help him. george? >> thanks, ryan. i'm here now with scott mcewen who wrote "american sniper" and with chris's friend, who trained chris to be a sniper. i'm so sorry for your loss. >> thank you, george. >> reporte >> scott, you wrote that chris wasn't killed on the battlefield. but you believe he gave his life to his country. >> he devoted so much of his life to helping wounded and injured military, individuals returning from war. >> and that was such a big part of who he was. >> i think chris had a difficult time transitioning from military life to civilian life himself. i think that was a big reason why he cared so much about helping other veterans.
7:11 am
we have a big issue with ptsd these days. here's a guy that had, was very successful shortly after he got out of the s.e.a.l. teams and could have done anything he wanted. he chose to still give a large part of his time to these veterans' causes. >> in "american sniper" he is quite opened about his own difficulties to reentry. >> it was important for chris to show there was a light at the end of the tunnel. if you look to the light and work to get yourself out of these ptsd scenarios you get yourself in, you move yourself and get healthy again. >> and coming off his time in iraq, whihc is just unparalleled, four tours, seven medals. more than 150 kills. you helped train chris. did you know from the start that he was something special? >> you know, we all knew chris was a special guy.
7:12 am
very humble, to this -- to the time he got out. he didn't really want to publicize the number of kills that -- it was all about the lives that he saved in iraq. and helping veterans, raising awareness around the veterans issues. >> and if any possible good can come of this, it's shining the light on the problems of veterans right now. >> a lot of guys like chris are taking the issue in their own hands and making a difference. guys slip through the cracks. >> what is the one thing you want everyone to know about your friend? >> i think chris would want to say a prayer not only for his children but other children of veterans that need help as well, in similar circumstances. it's what he's found himself in here. >> we lost a true american hero. >> and they all are in our prayers today. thank you both very much. amy? george, it's day seven in the terrifying hostage standoff in alabama where a 5-year-old
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boy is being held captive in a bunker by this man, jimmy lee dykes. the fbi has been negotiating with him. abc's gio benitez has been on this story from the beginning and joins us from midland city, alabama, with the latest. gio snshgs. >> reporter: amy, good morning. today the question, when will this little boy with autism be let go? police say he's not been physically harmed. this morning, drones like this are flying over the homemade underground bunker where police say this man, jimmy lee dykes, is holding a 5-year-old boy named ethan hostage. it has now been seven days since the 65-year-old stormed a school bus here in midland city, threatening the students on board before killing the driver and kidnapping ethan. >> he's like, i'll kill y'all. >> reporter: despite days of negotiations, police admit they have little to go on. few demands, no motive.
7:14 am
no sense of when the standoff may end. >> it gives them more time to study the bunker. does he have any explosives? has he booby trapped the door? >> reporter: dykes is holding the boy in a remote part of southern alabama. they've been communicating with him through a ventilation pipe that leads to the bunker. they've used to it send the child comfort items -- a red hot wheels car, coloring books, potato chips, medicine, cheez-its. over the weekend, a press conference to thank the hostage taker. >> i want to thank him for taking care of our child. that's very important. >> reporter: meantime, late sunday, this tight-knit community buried bus driver chuck poland, who died protecting children of dykes. >> ethan, hang tough little man. we love you. we're praying for you. >> reporter: and little ethan's birthday is quickly approaching. he turns 6 in just a few days.
7:15 am
amy? >> all right, gio. poor ethan and his parents. we certainly hope for a good outcome there. let's go to josh for the other stories this morning. josh, good morning. good morning, again, amy. we begin with breaking news. overnight out of southern california. at least eight people have died and dozens more are injured after a tour bus crashed. flipped, slammed into a truck on a remote highway some 80 miles east of los angeles. the bus was returning to tijuana, mexico. from the big bear resort area. the driver of the bus told police that there had been a problem with the bus' brakes. and overseas, a major development in the nuclear standoff with iran. the iranian foreign minister says his country is willing to resume talks over its nuclear program later this month, ending eight months of stalled negotiations. however, u.s. officials remain skeptical of the offer. a rare sight in cuba. take a look.
7:16 am
former dictator fidel castro showing up at the polls on sunday to vote in the national election. the 86-year-old spent about an hour chatting with voters, his first such public appearance since 2010. meanwhile in london, police are trying to figure out why a man broke through a security line outside buckingham palace. you see him there waving two knives, holding one to his throat. police finally able to subdue him with a taser gun. he's expected in court later today. also this morning, scientists confirm that remains found under a parking lot in england are, in fact, those of king richard iii, who died in battle some 500 years ago. dna tests prove that the skeleton is that of the so-called hunch-back king, known for his cruelty. a church had once stood on the location. finally, the daughter of boxing legend muhammad ali said that her father is doing just fine.
7:17 am
in fact, to knock down tabloid reports that his health is failing, the family showed the greatest rooting on his ravens during the super bowl last night. and like the ravens themselves, he is one happy champ this morning, guys. >> okay, josh, thank you very much. sam is in your seat with the weather. >> a little bit of a food coma still from last night. let's get to the video. we'll show what's going on. we got some pictures of minneapolis snow. this is the week of small, quick-moving snowmakers. they drop out of canada and move into the northeast, we call them clippers. chicago, earlier this morning, is picking up snow. that could be 5 inches of snow locally. several more come through the week. the quick-moving storm systems. washington, a little north of you. boston, most of it is south of you. the rest of the country on this warm trend. look at this. new orleans, 69, houston 74, las vegas, 64 degrees. we'll go through the rest of the
7:18 am
nation's weather in the next half hour. captioned by, closed captioning services,
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>> got to talk abo ut the rough surf on the west coast in the next half hour. coming up on "gma," the battle of the super bowl ads. what scored big, what fumbled, and our favorites. and beyonce's big night. smoking the super bowl with a show-stopping performance. the moment husband jay-z congratulated her backstage. also, what a weekend for our robin. an emotional welcome in her hometown. we were there with her. we'll show you it all coming up. we'll show you it all coming up. [ coughs ]
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well played, orange. minute maid pure squeezed. never from concentrate. >> now, from abc7 news. a great welcome is expected for the san francisco 49ers when they return home this afternoon to the airport. they will arrive at 1:50. they mount add big come back in the super bowl against baltimore ravens but fell short losing 34-31. san francisco police say they will have a final arrest account some time today of people who are drowning their sore rose after the loss. preliminary numbers say 25 people were arrested for public drunkenness but it was overall peaceful. now, how is the traffic? >> not bad. we have an early stall on the upper deck of the bay bridge that is cleared. traffic is backing toward the macarthur maze and metering
7:24 am
lights are on. we had a head on but no injuries and now it is cleared, highway 12, all lanes are open. south 101 to 380, that accident is still blocking the ramp. eric? >> when we come back, our
7:25 am
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>> here is a look at fog extending from downtown all the way to sfo where we have flight delays of 70's minutes. thickest fog is north bay valleys, and over to east bay valley, you can see down to
7:27 am
quarter or eighth of a mile. 30's and 40's most areas and 50 in oakland. this afternoon, well have sunshine breaking through the sunshine breaking through the clouds and upper 50's to (woman) 3 days of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
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kelly and michelle, will you all help me sing this one? ♪ all the single ladies >> eight songs, 12 minutes of power. last night's show-stopping performance at halftime, blew the stadium out.
7:29 am
what a comeback for beyonce last night. haul that coming up this morning. also, what a coming home for robin roberts all weekend long. she watched the whole game with her family. had great time. what day. >> she was cheering loudly. >> she was with kid, had great homecoming. sam, you were there. what a moment. >> everybody was so happy to see her. it just -- it just went on and on all weekend. it was great. >> more on that coming up. >> josh is still there in new orleans as well. right, josh? >> yeah, also, guy, you see beyonce, the blackout last nights. a great tweet. if you like it, you should have put a backup generator on it. twitter went crazy. joe flacco, the game-wing quarterback, the mvp, a very rich young man will join us later on. and the young gentleman who has been called the sexiest man alive. channing tate um. why he's making last call in the
7:30 am
big easy last night. >> did you talk to him about my favorite movie? >> josh spent time with him. right now, we're going to turn to the ad bowl. 50 phew ones at nearly $4 million a pop. wre have the clydesdale ad. it warm sod many hearts yesterday. that was for budweiser. and a lot of people loved that one. >> it can make you feel so good. >> it's the song, too. >> i love that song. >> landslide. ♪ been afraid of changing >> that's live? there he is right there. >> the clydesdale cam. she's not been named yet. bianna golodryga, all night long, digging into the numbers. which ads scored, which didn't. >> there are millions of americans, i may or may not be one of them, who never watch a football game all season long, yet tune into the super bowl for
7:31 am
the ads. there were many last night. some have people talking. others have been forgotten. the tweets in the blackout may be the surprise fwhirns the commercial bowls. ♪ >> reporter: they may have cost advertisers millions. ♪ oh, oh >> maybe i'll do cameo on tablet. >> reporter: the biggest winners on the super bowl of commercialist were a pair of low-budget ads made and chosen by doritos fans, including this chip-chewing goat. and these manly men playing dressup in order to chow down. >> is that my wedding dress? >> could be. ♪ >> reporter: taco bell ran for the border with some hard-partying retirees.
7:32 am
and budweiser poured on the tears with a heart warming reunion with a horse and its trainer. ♪ well the landslide will bring you down ♪ >> reporter: and while calvin klein made a brief but popular appearance, other attempts at overselling sex appeared to fall short. bar refaeli's uncomfortable godaddy lip lock seemed so wrong. it may have been the 30-minute stadium power outage that again rated the best ads. oreo saying you can still dunk in the dark. tide saying, we can't get your black out but we can get stains out. and the social networks were lighting up with tweets and posts about the spots. exclusive numbers from facebook about the most commented on ads of the night. the tide ad, once it ran, the
7:33 am
number of mentions on facebook increased 132%. number two, taco bell, my favor. as soon as this commercial ran, the number of mentions of tack bowe bell, 140,000%. this was the big winner. the numbers of mentions of farmers after the dodge ad, 1.8 million percent. 2.4 million tweets about the game last night. and the infamous blackout. the smart advertisers took advantage of that. oreo, you can still dunk in the dark. -- than 14,000 retweets. that is creativity. >> that immediate response. i loved the tide one, too. so mart when someone jumps on something right then. >> let's kick this around more are d.l. hughley. he's up early. we got the numbers from facebook. what was your favorite?
7:34 am
>> my favorite was the taco bell ad with the -- when old people are partying, it's always good. actually, i gotta say that, you know, i didn't know it was a taco bell ad. once they said taco bell, i thought, you'll never get that old if you actually eat taco bell. that's actually teenagers eating taco bell. >> which one didn't you like? >> that was my favorite. >> the least favorite? >> the stevie wonder ad was so disturbing. when stevie wonder finds out they had him looking like flavor flav, he's going to be -- think he was so mad he caused the blackout in the superdome. >> could be. >> my favorite was -- >> it looked like -- it looked like flavorflav and t pain had baby. it was disturbing. >> sam, i'm sorry.
7:35 am
>> that was okay. that's a visual there i gotta get out of my head. >> oh, man. >> i loved the chrysler ad. the veterans. that was so moving near the end of halftime. a loft mentions for the doritos ad with the dad and his daughter. take a look. [ screaming ] >> or the goat. >> or the goat ad from doritos. >> angry goats are always funny. >> i didn't see that one. i like that one. i didn't see it. it must have been when i went back for more ice cream. >> d.l., did you hate -- >> that was his daughter? >> no, no, no. >> wrong ad. did you hate the bar refaeli ad as much as i did? it was so disturbing to watch her makeout with that boy. >> it made me want to take antibiotic.
7:36 am
>> it went on and on. >> i was eating wings and i had to put them down. >> take antibiotics, you're killing me. >> for me, it was the audio. i loved amy poehler's best buy ad. this proved once again, golden globes, she did it. she's one of the funniest ladies in the business. >> she's zbraegt time. no yes. >> i'm with you on the bar refaeli. >> i was watching it with elliott, she goes, eww. thanks, d.l. let's get the weather from sam. >> antibiotics. he was on this morning. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to share with you this morning. how about over the weekend, a little georgia snow. the power of some of the quick-moving systems out of canada, drop there the great lakes and move east. sometimes, if the air is right, you can get hit with snow.
7:37 am
let's get to the boards. there's the small systems that move in. the colder air to the north. new york city, you don't get out of it. chicago, you neither. when the systems dive south, getting rain in the mix. on the west coast, some of the waves could be up to 17 feet and since it's nice and comfortable, some folks will be headed to the beach. 71 in l.a. >> haul that weather was brought to you by subway. i totally agree. the amy poehler ad stands out to me. she's a superstar. >> she sure is. coming up next, inside
7:38 am
beyonce's big night. coming up. that's all beyonce. she was with destiny's child. >> the more the better. and we're sharing robin's emotional coming them to pass christian. so many kids turning out to welcome her. a big super bowl party. laughter, tears, we'll bring it all to you coming up next. >> all right! oh! made ♪ ♪ i got it made, i got it made ♪ i got it made ♪ fresh at subway ♪ breakfast made the way i say ♪ i got it made ♪ i got it made, i got it made, i got it made ♪ ♪ fresh at subway ♪ breakfast made the way i say [ male announcer ] get breakfast made the way you say. like your very own sizzlin' steak, egg white & cheese. amazingly under 200 calories. want green peppers, red onions on toasty flatbread? oh, you so got it made. ♪ at subway [ male announcer ] make your escape... twice as rewarding. earn double points or double miles
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7:43. let's talk about the killer halftime show from beyonce. a $50 million blowout, filled with fire if beyonce and destiny's child. while those flame-throwing guitars didn't hurt either. we're wondering if she was the reason the lights went out. the crowd sure loved it. chris connelly has the highlights. >> reporter: the sheer electricity of beyonce's halftime show didn't cause this super bowl power outage. it just seemed that way. ♪ i'll be your baby, i promise not to let you go ♪ >> reporter: with 135 dancers, 2,000 people in all on the field, and hundreds of millions of eyes, all on one woman. she killed it. ♪ say you'll never let me go >> all of the color, all of the excitement. >> reporter: beyonce squeezed in eight songs in 12 minutes. ♪ i want to know you baby let's go ♪
7:43 am
>> reporter: she kicked off with love on top. sung unquestionably live. ♪ you're the only one i see one, two, three, four. >> reporter: she roared into "crazy in love." tearing off pieces of her already revealing ruben singer dress. >> break it down! oh! ♪ >> reporter: the much-rumored reunion of destiny's child, with her long-time pals kelly rowland and michelle williams lending voices to "bootylicious." before booming through a sometimes murky mix. ♪ all the single ladies all the single ladies ♪ >> reporter: beyonce closing with a hair-whipingly wonderful "halo" ♪ halo come on halo ♪ halo halo halo
7:44 am
>> reporter: on instagram, another shoutout. her own photograph, lots of them. was shown getting a hug from husband jay-z, on a job well done and just getting started. as overnight, she announced plans for a new tour. ♪ halo >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> i would say that's a pretty good advertisement for the new tour. hair-whipingly wonderful. well done, chris. coming up, josh's interview with the sexiest man alive, channing tatum. and live with the winning quarterback, josh, where are you? >> down here in new orleans, lara. also, stick around for a very special "play of the day." it's actually the other version
7:45 am
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7:49 am
right then, here's "the play of the day." >> very appropriate, given super bowl monday. we're here in new orleans, everybody talking about everything that happened at the game, including, as we just saw, beyonce's remarkable half time show last night. she ended it with a little bit of her hit song, halo. another soup star performance you might have missed. take a look. ♪ halo halo halo >> who is it? ♪ halo halo halo ♪ halo halo halo >> oh, is that shaq? i can't tell. it's so dark. that's shaq? >> so moved by his performance.
7:50 am
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>> now from abc7 news. >> good morning, i am eric thomas.
7:55 am
san jose police are investigating an overnight fire at a marijuana grow house in the electric panel at midnight. no one was home at time. police found up to 400 marijuana plants which have been seized as evidence. mike has the forecast. >> thank you, eric, we will talk about visibility. less than quarter of a mile as fairfield, eighth of a mile in napa, 2.5 miles in concord, with 70 minute flight delays in sfo, on way to the 60's today and rain is possible on thursday and friday. >> walnut creek southbound, an accident cleared from the lanes and slow traffic is beyond north main, the abc7 traffic app with main, the abc7 traffic app with westbound 80 and extra, isñcús]ñ well, well, well.
7:56 am
7:57 am
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7:58 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ oh, killing me softly a little fun out there with elmo. i love that one there, hi, channing, i'm tatum. we'll make sure we say hi.
7:59 am
great crowd out there in times square. happy monday. take another look. i love it. i love it. happy monday to robin down on the gulf coast this morning. great to have amy robach here. josh in new orleans. we cannot wait to show you, there's josh. the beginning of it, robin's big emotional homecoming. the big super bowl party as well. we saw her getting teared up and cheering on the super bowl. >> revved up. also ahead, a blockbuster evening for america's super bowl of song. jennifer hudson and elementary school students from newtown, there they are, singing america the beautiful. and 'leash ya keys. and brand new details on beyonce's performance. and, lara and i loved beyonce's outfit. look how beautiful she looks. >> i kind of love beyonce, too. >> there wasn't much of it.
8:00 am
it better have been beautiful. there was not a whole lot there. >> but it fit her so well. >> it sure did. we have details of how many fittings that took. we'll fill you in on that. he's been dubbed the sexiest man alive. now he's taking over the big easy. it's our big interview. actually josh's. i'm so jealous. josh talked to channing tatum. and he'll have that coming up. >> well, that's a big event. but so is this -- we're counting down to oscar sunday. look who stopped by the studio. oscar. let me get at the stuff out of the way. you're looking good, oscar. it feels so nice. >> sam, you need one of those. >> do you know who gets to sit in the bleachers at the red carpet at the oscars? >> who. >> no one, that's who. it's so difficult to get the tickets. we're giving some audience members a chance to get to bleacher seats. oscar, oscar, oscar. >> the big red carpet? >> there are some tickets available here.
8:01 am
>> that is a pretty great gift. thanks, sam. first some news from josh. down in new orleans. >> all right, george, we begin with the power outage here. last night. in new orleans. being blamed now on an abnormality in the superdome's power system. an overload then triggered breaker. and it delays the game for 35 minutes, making it the longest super bowl in history. the weirdest 35 minutes for sure. when it was over, baltimore won, 34-31. fans celebrated in the streets of the city. most of them peacefully. some cars were damaged despite the heavy police presence. congratulations to the baltimore ravens. the driver of a tour bus that crashed in a remote area of southern california tells police there was a problem with the vehicle's brakes before the bus flipped and crashed into a truck. eight people were killed in the accident. the bus had been returning to tijuana mexico. now the death of the military's most lethal sniper
8:02 am
gunned down at a texas shooting range by a marine he was allegedly trying to help. chris kyle who served in iraq, and his friend, were both shot at point blank range. police have arrested 25-year-old eddie ray routh who may have been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. and president obama takes the campaign against gun violence on the road today. his first stop, minneapolis, where he'll meet with local leaders to discuss the background checks and youth frams city has implemented. great news about a young woman who has inspired millions. malala yousafzai who was shot by the taliban because she said girls should be allowed to go to school is recovering in england this morning after undergoing a major operation to cover part of her shattered stul with a --
8:03 am
with a titanium plate. bob woodruff just spoke exclusively to malala's very proud father. >> my daughter, it was her dream to send all boys and girls to school. i think that one day, her dream will come true. >> and you can see much more of this exclusive interview tonight on "world news" with diane sawyer. i think it's fair to say, george, no girl in the whole world whose dreams are more deserving to come true. >> boy, that sure is, josh. time for "pop news." >> whether you were rooting for the ravens or the niners, everybody was a winner at halftime with beyonce's incredible performance and that costume. i think we can all agree on that, right? this morning, details on the designer, rubin singer who has made many of her show-stopping ensembles. he began working on her look in early december. an early sketch, along with a team of 14 helpers and over 200 man hours to complete the
8:04 am
leather body suit. with the chantilly lace. >> it lost a lot of fabric over the months. >> what she was wearing doesn't end up looking like that. >> but that's the cool thing about the design. >> she kept taking pieces off. i'm like, you can't take anymore off. >> she can do whatever she wants. >> 200 hours? >> for not a lot of fabric. but if you look, it was so well done. truly couture. the look from his new fall line that celebrates female warriors. what a warrior she was. slaying the crowd along with destiny's child. [ bell rings ] >> ding, ding, sorry. >> i was waiting. i was waiting. no wonder the lights went out after she finished, she sucked the place dry. beyonce, congratulations. also at the super bowl, justin timberlake had the crowd roxing at one of the preparties over the weekend. he performed live for the first time in almost five years at the axs directv party on saturday night.
8:05 am
sporting a suit and tie as he sang his new single. he got a little help, from jay-z. >> that had to be one of the best parties. >> and timbaland. >> there are thousands of parties that go on for days. >> how do you know about that? >> i've heard. people have told me there are so many parties. thousands. >> this was the one to be at. he gave the crowd samplings of some other new songs from his upcoming album, the 2020 experience. he sang old favorites. including -- he brought sexy back. for sofia vergara and kate upton and john legend. they were among the many lucky folks in the crowd. switching gears in a big, big way. we want to talk about holly the cat. holly says doggie paddle this, people. she must not have gotten the memo that cats hate water. it's the only exercise she'll
8:06 am
do. she's 18 pounds and on doctors orders to lose weight. she's twice the weight of the average house cat. there's nothing average about holly. >> why torture holly. it's not holly's fault. she doesn't go in the bin, pour her own food into the bowl. she's not sitting there snacking during the super bowl. it's not holly -- why torture holly? >> holly likes to swim. >> i don't think she likes to swim. >> she does not like to swim. >> holly likes to swim. and that's "pop news." >> look at her face. now we have our "pop quiz" and we ask today -- what was written on ben affleck's hand at the director's guild awards on saturday night? >> i don't know. >> was it his grocery list, an acceptance speech, or a good luck note from his kids? >> i was going to say his kids. >> we'll have the answer in a moment. think it said holly likes to
8:07 am
swim. >> holly doesn't like to swim. i hate to disagree with the news that pops. i don't think so. let's get to the boards. we'll show you exactly what it looks like. a live shot out of dallas this morning. showers, wait, wait for it, oh, it's such a good shot. we don't -- we don't have it. imagine if you would, just come back to me for a moment, come back to me for a moment. >> i'll imagine it. >> rain. >> little showers. thank you, amy. now to the maps. into the gulf, we think, later today, josh, get out of new orleans if you don't want to get rained on. about an inch of rain. perfect time for this rain as everybody gets out of town there, a beautiful dry weekend there, perfect for the super bowl. the west, this doesn't happen right away. it is chilly in case you haven't walked out your door yet anywhere from the great lakes into the northeast. a surprise from miami to this. cold air. that's the weather around the nation. >> oh, sam.
8:08 am
>> waa! >> um, we will -- i just need to say thank you to amy for the lyrical raining. >> did you see my tiny violin playing a sad song for you? >> i did. a tiny violin playing a sad song. amy's hands tell the story.
8:09 am
>> 70 degrees. >> lara, what's the answer to the pop quiz? she's spicy. >> i'm not going to tell you yet. >> oh, the morning menu. >> what we have coming up is more beyonce. inside the sizzling super bowl spectacular. and the other amazing performances at the show. and robin's emotional trip home. the boys and girls whose lives she's helped change. we're going to tell you that story coming up. really so wonderful. and josh has an interview with the sexiest man alive, channing tatum. opening up about his brand new real-life role in the big easy. and that movie we all love so. all that and more coming up live on "gma" from times square. i'm lorenzo.
8:10 am
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levian is the only company on earth to make jewelry with chocolate diamonds. levian -- the leading family in jewelry -- from ancient royalty to today's red carpet. you will only find these styles at jared. levian chocolate diamonds, they're anything...but vanilla. that's why he went to jared... the galleria of jewelry. all right, we have the answer now to our "pop quiz" of the day. what was written on ben affleck's hand at the director's guild awards saturday night?
8:15 am
it was a good luck note, notes, plural, from his kids. it said, i love papa, good luck. so sweet. >> what a roll he's on. >> if notes worked. he won for best director. and the momentum is building for him. >> i think they do it at every awards show. >> day do. larry haffert is here. beyonce, wow, the halftime show. reuniting not surprisingly, this did not shock anybody, destiny's child. we loved it when they popped up on stage. alicia keys, also, an amazing national anthem and jennifer hudson singing with the kids of newtown. quite a super bowl. larry is here to go over all of them. let's start with people. i say this silenced all doubters, the woman rocks. >> the best thing was the controversy with the
8:16 am
inauguration. she came out, sang a cappella, said, you see, and off she went. the halftime shoerks it's like, put down the nachos and watch. >> nothing went wrong. >> she's so quft. her body, her face. she was owning. >> it went to the land of fierce women. >> that is well said. >> she danced herself to death. >> have you ever tried to do one of those head whips? >> no. >> not easy. not easy. it hurts. >> is there a -- >> it's been called the finest super bowl performance of all time. fair to say? >> it's up there. i thought u2 after 9 c/11 was b. it was technological but soulful. she was singing and performing. i loved that she opened with vince lombardi, do the work, do the job. that was subtle.
8:17 am
>> another terrific moment for me was watching jennifer hudson with the kids of newtown. you could see how moved the players were. >> you don't want to it be maudlin. they're tricky. i thought it was beautiful. >> i enjoy watching it now. >> really nice way to start an incredible event. and finally, alicia keys. >> you know, you hate to say it, if there's an awards show and national anthem to sirngs she'll do it and she'll nail it. she did. she was fantastic. >> it's not an easy song. >> give it to her every time. leave to it her every time from now on. >> billy crystal and a lealicia keys. >> and roseanne barr. we're going turn to robin's big homecoming. this is part of her emotional recovery as he prepares to come
8:18 am
back and join news the morning at "gma." what a welcome she got on the gulf coast. huge super bowl party last night. thrown by her sisters. everyone was cheering. take a look. >> all right, all right. ♪ just a short drive from new orleans, her beloved mississippi coast. the roberts family has called pass christian home for more than 40 years. her first stop, the boys and girls club to thank them from holding bone marrow drives in her honor. >> what have you been doing this morning? >> making cards. >> for who? >> for you? those are for me? you have already made me sweet cards. >> it ain't just robin time, it's carnival time. you're the queen. >> the fine mayor of pass
8:19 am
christian. >> reporter: everyone came together to shower love, compassion, and support on our dear friend. >> you've extended yourself. we're so great to feel have you. we're everything we're about. pass christian loves you over and over and over again. >> well, thank you. what you all have done with the bone marrow drives, the boys and girls clubs of the gulf coast. with mine, the pass leading the way, it's meant everything. >> reporter: through her tear, grateful robin gave thanks. >> when i get well wishes from you, they go right to my heart. and i take you back wherever i am. you're forever in my heart and soul. i'm so proud of you. you make me always proud to call the pass my home. so thank you. oh, my gosh, you know. an emotional home coming in the boys and girls club her family
8:20 am
helped build. >> tears of joy for mom. yeah. and the whole family. she wanted a flats was community. >> reporter: before leaving pass christian, robin's sister, dorothy, joined her at war memorial park to visit the eagle statue in honor of their father. >> think of dad, think of patriotism. how proud he was to be an american. something about the eagle symbolizes that. >> reporter: spending time with family under the gulf coast sun put a smile on robin's face and her soul. >> you smell the gulf? >> mm. it's that first -- off the beach. >> i know, i know. >> mm. so healing. >> reporter: then it was back to new orleans for family and football. >> how are you? let's have a party! >> party! >> oh!
8:21 am
>> reporter: the game was exciting. this was about a lot more than just football. day of gratitude. a day to remember robin's journey and how far they've all come as family. >> you have changed everything. you're just -- an influence on me. >> i feel mother's spirit. i feel daddy's spirit. and i know that from their heavenly balcony right now, they are celebrating. >> that is a supercharged emotional recovery. and sam, you were there for the beginning of it. it seemed like by the end she was gaining strength every second. >> i think josh will agree. the first real big test of robin's growing stamina. think she passed. i think she passed with flying colors. it was a lot for her. a lot of people wanted to see her. josh? >> yeah, it was funny. i know, sam, you saw this. her doctor follows her on
8:22 am
twitter. as we were making our way down, he sent her an e-mail saying, i know you're home. you have to stop touching people. let's remember. you gotta stop giving everybody a hug and a kiss. she was champing at the bit. she wanted to get home to see everybody. it was an amazing time to be here with her. >> a lot more to say on that. but josh, put down the umbrella. bring us channing tate um. >> i do. from robin roberts to channing tatum. the biggest stars on the planet here in new orleans. including the reigning "people's" sexyist man alive. a new movie, a new bar on bourbon street. we met there for catchup. he's a movie star. dubbed "people's" sexiest man alive. now he's opening place for friends and fans.
8:23 am
a new bar on bourbon street, called saints and sinners. >> is this -- was it a labor of love? is this something you always had percolating? you and your buddies? >> i don't think anybody can ever have the idea of bar on bourbon. it's insanity. >> reporter: or perhaps it's channing tatum's gulf coast roots coming through. >> i group in mississippi about five years. this was the biggest city i had ever been in. people everywhere. people throwing beads and girls doing insanity stuff. i was like, that's just what i want to do when i grow up. >> reporter: of course, the 32-year-old actor grew up to do a whole lot more. >> he's doing well. >> reporter: his latest role is in "side effects" a psychological thriller out this friday, which also happens to feature yours truly as, what else, a news anchor. i'm honored to grace the screen
8:24 am
with you. >> it's your movie. i just had a bit part. >> reporter: i said to steven, let's get that guy channing a cameo. his big role in "magic mike. jts. >> magic mike. magic mike. magic mike. >> reporter: my coanchor and i, lara spencer, had a show this summer. i would like to think we single handedly gave you about 40% of the box office receipts. he's admittedly a very busy man. he's about to get much, much busier. the day is now there. they're counting down when the little one arrives. >> it's crazy. jenna's been, knock on wood, pretty healthy through it all. we're terrified but really excited. i'm going to have a few drinks here at my bar tonight as one of
8:25 am
my last hurrahs. >> reporter: that sounds like great idea. thank you. i'll probably be seeing you here at a very, very, very bad hour. >> bring the cameras then. >> reporter: "side effects" opened this friday. he was great. speaking of great, super bowl winning quarterback, mvp joe flacco. >> now, from abc7 news, good morning, i am kristen sze. virgin america will announce that starting may 1, they will offer daily service from shows -- from san jose to los angeles.
8:26 am
virgin america will or four flights from san jose international airport to los angeles. it is reported that silicon valley leaders hope the flights will lead advisory general america to other cities from san jose. now the commute from sue. >> southbound 280 at 380, very slow traffic from daly city. northbound, 880 at 5th, a stalled big rig with slow traffic up from 238. the san mateo bridge is getting better with an early stall at the toll plaza. >> thanks. we will
8:27 am
8:28 am
>> it is getting brighter around the bay area but, still, hazy and cloudy, less than quarter-mile visibility in novato and fairfield and quarter-mile visibility in concord and napa. 40's and 50's where most of us are but 39 in livermore and hanging out in the mid-50's along the coast and low-to-mid 60's for the rest of us and rain is possible thursday and friday. >> have a great [ cheers and applause ] hello to everyone out there in times square in morning. a chilly monday morning here in new york city. but there's josh down in new orleans. with super fans. hey, josh. >> what does that sign say? >> i'm here with mother and
8:29 am
daughter, donna and zouli. i'm going let you guess which one is which. they wanted to let everybody know, we're awesome but robin roberts is really awesome. >> thanks, ladies. back here in new york, we're going choose three people awesome people from the audience of hard core movie fans to play our game, name that oscar flick. the winner get paris of tickets to reserved bleacher seats on the oscar red carpet. let's go to the fish bowl. >> lara, choose the players please. >> i would love to. the first player is mia iverson. >> congratulation, mia. come on down. stand with amy. >> the next contestant is shanai. >> please come down.
8:30 am
>> come on down! >> and the third contestant with a chance to win tickets to the super bowl bleachers is, michael chen. >> you're very well dressed. >> i hope you know a lot about this. >> i hope so. >> in just a few moments this begins. i feel badly because we have ben and angie here. we'll let you know why they're here when we come back to play the game. >> we're doing it now. >> right now. >> which we're playing right now. by the way. we're all counting down oscar sunday. so much excitement. i wish josh was here. but i get to hold the skinny mike. we have a pesspecial guest in t studio.
8:31 am
oscar. it's the first cross-country trip for oscar. you gate chance to escort oscar around the country. how did that happen for you? >> i'm a trained actor the whole life. this is the way the academy recognizes an actor that's never been recognized. >> he's not supposed to talk. >> angie, is that prebl not how it happened? >> it's not at all how it happened. we're both comedians, we have a love for the movies and the oscars. we want to bring the magic of the oscars to movie fans all around the country. >> you're going to get a chance to see oscar, maybe in your town. it's time to play our game, lara spencer. she'll announce each category by touching the large screen. we'll begin, because the first one is about oscar. now, ladies and gentlemen, if you will touch your buzzers as soon as you know the answer. just testing, george. george is just testing.
8:32 am
and our winners will win that red carpet ticket. so you'll be on the red carpet. question number one, os sccar f, by the way did we say reba was the lovely -- >> the lovely reba mcentire here. >> you may know "gma" host george stephanopoulos and the lovely amy robach is playing for one of our guests. how many films are nominated for best film -- [ bell rings ] >> nine. >> is the number nine, lara? >> no, no, no. yeah, if number is nine. i'm afraid if we touch the screen. >> it's nine. >> amy! killing already. >> what am i supposed to do? now i can touch the screen. here's our next -- reba just -- >> i ask the questions first.
8:33 am
can i ask the question first? jessica chastain is seen here. nominated this year for "zero dark thirty" last year, she was nominated for a role in what film. [ bell rings ] >> the help. >> the help. you're exactly right. lovely lara, could you touch the board one more time? folks, please don't buzz in before i ask the question. [ bell rings ] george, george, can i -- >> i read it. >> one person gets to -- >> can i read the questions? i have one job to do. anne hathaway was -- thank you. is not named for an oscar this year in best supporting actress as fontine in ""les mis."
8:34 am
sing the opening -- >> it's i dreamed a dream. ♪ i dreamed a dream in time gone by ♪ >> reba's not the one singing? you're going to sing here? >> he did it. he did it. >> how presumptuous. >> amy says it's not it. can you sing it? ♪ e dreamed a dream of time gone by ♪ >> that's not it either. it's of a time gone by, isn't it? >> you get a point. i don't know exactly what's going on. >> reba's team gets the point. number four, touch the screen please. we taublked about this year's cp of movies. cher has always turned heads. she took home best oscar for her
8:35 am
starring role in what movie, george? >> "silkwood." >> "moonstruck." >> you're right. >> amy knows her stuff. >> we have to go? are we -- >> do we have a winner? >> are we tallying the winner? in the middle of weather, we will tally and give you the answer. ladies and gentlemen, no, no. >> i'll jump past the winner. we'll let everybody get tickets. >> what, are you kidding me? >> everybody gets two tickets. i don't know if i'm authorized to do that. all three of them get two tickets each. all three. follow congratulations. george, we'll work on it for you. no promises. congratulations.
8:36 am
congratulations, nicely done. you're going to the oscars. now, let's get to the boards. look at you, show-stopper. one or two things going on this morning we want you to know about. facebook shots of texas and chicagoland. a little dose of snow. the clippers continue the move through the country. each one brings snow from the great lakes to the east coast. the rest of the country is nice and warm. atlanta, how about that? 54 degrees. gorgeous in florida, texas. the west coast, great temperatures. l.a., 71, some areas 77 in the >> that weather was brought to
8:37 am
you by jared, the galleria of jewelry. it was reba and amy tied. george, surprisingly, did not win. >> oh, wow. that is a first. >> thank you. >> you don't understand. >> he's very competitive. congratulations. we're so thrilled to have you here. >> thank you. >> reba is country music's reigning queen. she's been on movies, on broadway, on tv. now she has a hit on her hands with her new sitcom "malibu country." i think the show is hysterical. >> thank you. i'm loving it. i'm having a great time, getting to work with lily tomlin, for one thing is yaet point. the cast, the crew, the wryers. i just love them to pieces. >> i want to give everybody a sneak peek. here's what's cooking on an upcoming ed soed. you need a meeting with a young,
8:38 am
hot singh. >> i'll charm the sox off that girl. i'll write her the best song she's ever sung. >> i'll get you a meeting. you know that expression, act your age, don't do that. >> i may not be a child. but i can be wild. i'll do it hammer style. >> how much fun do you have playing her? >> i did google m.c. hammer doing that. i didn't do it like he did it. which is even better. you let yourself go. you go for it. >> that was jai rodriguez. a blast to work with. sara rue. it is so much fun to get back in television after the "reba" show. having a fun time on "malibu country" on friday night on abc. loving every minute of it. >> how much of your character is you? >> pretty much everything.
8:39 am
what you see is what you get. i'm pretty much that character. i am -- i try to raise my kids right. i try to discipline them, just like in real life. and so having a blast. lillie mae, lily tomlin's character is a lot like my mama. buddies, best friends. >> you can't fake the chemistry. >> she's wonderful to work with, to hang out with. i just love it. >> if it wasn't enough that you're so honest and so yourself on your show, the show "nashville" another great show i love so much on abc. it's been said that connie br t britton's character is based on you. have you seen it? >> i have. i don't know that it is. i love how they portray the music business. the great things they're getting of nashville. great publicity drive for
8:40 am
nashville. i'm loving the show. i wish them nothing but the best of luck . >> we wish you the best of luck. >> thank you. >> "malibu country." check her out on fridays at 8:30. stick around. just ahead on "good morning america," we have the winning super bowl quarterback with us, joe flacco is joining us live. >> great, great. >> stay with us. walking
8:41 am
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8:43 am
joe flacco joining th ining us morning. congratulations. >> thank you. >> a strange night. you come out red hot. it looked -- you looked as comfortable as all year. did you feel that good? >> we got good field position early. guys made plays. it was nice to start off that way. we needed it in the end. >> 21-6, halftime, get a little beyonce. gentlemjacoby jones looks likes all but ended it. then bang. the weirdest 35 minutes in super bowl history. what are you thinking on the field? >> we handled it well. people will look into it just because the niners got moan tum. we handled it well. you saw jacoby and the guys, trying to get the crowd going. something you have to deal with. unbelievable it happened at the super bowl, of all places. we handled it well and reacted to their momentum shift decent also. >> so much coming in made about
8:44 am
the brothers harbaugh coaching against each other. i'm going the guess john had words of wisdom, motivation, focus. what was he telling you in the break? >> stay loose. come back out, the biggest risk is a 28-minute halftime. then a 30-minute braeak like that, the big risk is getting hurt. >> ray lewis made news saying this was going to be his last run. and you send him off a super bowl champion. it feels like, through the playoff run, especially, the mantle of leadership passed not just from defense to offense from ray to yourself. he had wonderful things to say. what does it mean to be able to send him off a super bowl winner? >> it's unbelievable. he's meant so much to the organization, the nfl. to be a teammate with him, to get here with him and win it, we'll be forever ftied together.
8:45 am
>> you were a delaware blue hen. second one to play in a super bowl. what does it mean to come from that to here? >> this is everybody's dream, no matter where you come from. to be where we are as team is special. >> he's a man who forewent a contract extension. bet on himself this year. a good bet. congratulations, man. great game last night. still to come here, jeremy irons, oscar-winner, sitting down with george in times square. go
8:46 am
8:47 am
and we're back now with a
8:48 am
brilliant actor, jeremy irns. he's the star of the new movie, "beautiful creatures." he plays a man who is determined to protect his supernatural niece. >> the accusations against my niece all spurious lies. for akrording to a weather channel, and you can verify this on google, there were unseasonably strong gusts from the east, which caused untold destruction up and down the south carolina coast. so -- my niece will go back to the institution that they presume to call educational and she'll be persecuted no longer. >> you have got the southern gentleman down. >> a good, interesting character. >> a character written specifically for you. the movie and the novelist had a picture of you taped to the computers when they're writing
8:49 am
the book. >> is that a compliment? i don't know. i'm never sure. >> what made them see you as the ultimate magical recluse? >> i have no idea. i have no idea. >> when you were taping, i heard this is some kind of a witches' tale. i don't know if witch is the right word. >> it's more love story. it's a supernatural story. at the base, the center, it's about two young people who are in love and with all the pressures that surround them. >> this is your niece. in some ways, a love story about dad and his daughter. >> absolutely. man trying to protect, as i think every father will understand the character. >> there was some kind of a supernatural occurrence while you were taping. >> i don't remember that. >> i heard something supernatural happened on the set. >> not that i recall. >> tell us a little bit more about what you hope people get
8:50 am
out of the movie. >> i hope it's -- it's about families. it's about when your child first analysis love with man who is never -- he's never good enough. he is always -- you always protect your daughter from that man. thing all fathers, all families will understand. all children who are falling in love for the first time will understand a lot of the pressures from school friends, whatever. upon their relationship. >> one of the young actors in the movie, alden, said you gave him great advice. you advised him to get a massage every friday. >> he was work something hard. i could see he was so -- i said, have a massage every week. treat yourself to it. >> he took your advice? >> he looked well yesterday. >> this could be the year your son max jump us up to the "a"
8:51 am
list. >> he's making a television series for starz, the white queen. he seems happy. everybody i meet says, i've seen your son max, i love him. >> thank you, jeremy irons. your son max, i love him. >> thank you, jeremy irons.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
and we have an exclusive announcement before we go. the final two big celebrity names joining splash. kareem abdul-jabbar. and extreme skier rory bushfield. head to head with eight over celebrities on the celebrity diving series. aren't you going to be on it? >> no. i'll be supporting it wholly and fully. >> let's go to josh in new orleans. >> first of all, lara would win. we had great time down here with robin, sam. great super bowl last night. i just want to say again as i did in indy, twitter is informing me this morning that i look tired. i can confirm that's because i am a little tired. >> as well you should be, great job, josh. >> i still have the skinny mike, my friend pip still have the
8:55 am
skinny mike. bye bye. so if you have a flat tire, dead battery, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> now, from abc7 news , good morning, i am kristen sze. a big welcome home is expected when the 49ers return from super bowl xlvii at 2:00 this
8:58 am
morning at mineta san jose international airport, term not a. thanks for a great season. and now, mike nicco, how will it feel? >> looks like summer with low clouds. we will see increasing sunshine with temperatures close to average. that will put us in the mid 50's long the coast and upper 50's to low 60's for the rest of us and rain is possible on thursday and friday. >> fog settles in in berkeley with slow traffic because of early traffic problems, and a grind 880, with 40 minutes into oakland. > announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, actor and talk show host russell brand. and from the hit series "ncis," pauley perrette. and we see the highs and lows when michael takes us behind the scenes of the big super bowl weekend. and if you can pick the winners,
8:59 am
you may be a lucky winner yourself. the co-hosts have all the details. all next on the emmy-award winning "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] kelly: they're playing our song. >> [florence & the machine playing] [cheers and applause] caller: thank you, thank you so much. thank you. it is monday! [cheers and applause] and it is monday, february 4, 2013. and i think what the audience is trying to say is that you are in

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